Trailers oh trailers
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Mobilization of heavy items has been accomplished by many different things over the years but few are as interesting as trailers. Not many years ago a trailer was anything that had a floor, wheels and a hitch… even Uncle Earl’s old 57 Ford truck bed would get the job done with a little tweaking.

Today the options are endless for trailers as seen at Rolls Rite Trailers, manufacturer of Equipment Trailers. Sleek and stylish are new words to describe many trailers and often grab the attention of even the most unobservant when tooling down the rTrailer pic 3oad.

Rolls Rite customizes trailers to the customers vision, such as this beauty that features the Pittsburg Steelers logo embedded in the deck. Trailers range in size from 4.5 to 35 Tons and folks that a lot of haulin!

Flatbed Gooseneck Trailers are always a favorite with various beds to choose from such as drive over fenders and deck overs. Drop Deck Trailers are available for truckers. Tag Along Trailers cover a wider spectrum from Car Haulers all the way up to Pintle Hitch tag along trailers and pavers and in between there are various sizes of low riders and split gate style trailers. Tilt Trailers bring style as well as ease of loading four wheelers, motorcycles and cars.

Now, if anyone knows how to add a hitch to a Honda Odyssey let me know, as I am eyeing a gooseneck trailer that has caught my fancy!

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